We’re in the Habit(at) of Fixing Stuff

The friendly folks at Charlottesville’s Habitat Store want to help you fix up your home without spending a bundle of cash. They also make it their business to help find a new home for your unwanted but still-useful items. Sound like a match made in heaven for the Repair Café? It is!

The Habitat Store hosted our fifth community-wide event on September 16, 2017. We got to hang out and fix stuff with 115 visitors who brought in an impressive 240 items. And in between getting their jeans patched and their lamps re-wired, we saw more than a few of those visitors picking out new-to-them treasures from the Habitat Store’s incredible stock. Way to multi-task, y’all!

The beaming lady in the first picture below brought in our first fix of the day. The copper vessel you see got nearly squashed when her husband suffered a fall, but our fixers were able to smooth out the dents almost like magic. She was so pleased, she came back later with a big tray of cookies for our hard-working volunteers.

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