DIY at the Repair Café

We always encourage visitors to get involved in fixing their stuff. You can sit down and watch, ask questions, and even lend a hand. This spring, we have two new ways to get your hands on some tools…

DIY Lamp Repair Station

Lamps are one of the most popular items we see at every Repair Café. On March 17, TimeBank volunteer Kathy Childress will help visitors diagnose simple lamp problems and walk through basic repairs like replacing a cord or switch. Getting your lamp fixed is great – and knowing how to fix it yourself next time is even better!

Take-Apart Table

Have you ever wondered what’s inside our stuff? Of course you have! At the Repair Café on March 17, kids of all ages can visit the Take-Apart Table to open up some old gadgets and see what’s going on inside.

TimeBank volunteers George and Martha Truxel will help supervise and offer advice. We will provide safety glasses and simple hand tools. Parents, please stay nearby if your kids are likely to need your supervision.

Alakazam Toys & Gifts will sponsor a raffle for kids who visit the Take-Apart Table! The winner gets to choose a Melissa & Doug tool set or a Construct A Truck that can be dis- and re-assembled.

The spring 2018 Cville TimeBank Repair Café is Saturday, March 17, at The Habitat Store, 1221 Harris Street. We can’t wait to see you there!

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