It takes 50-75 volunteers to put on a community-wide Repair Café event, and we’re happy to say that we’ve got a full slate of helpers for our next event – thanks for volunteering!

When & Where: Saturday, February 29, 2020 12:30-4 pm at
The Habitat Store, 1221 Harris Street in Charlottesville.

Volunteer job descriptions for event day

Fixers – * Fixers Info * Arrive by 12pm. Bring tools & supplies. Evaluate and repair broken stuff. Demonstrate how it’s done. Consult with other fixers. Give advice. Refer visitors to a repair shop if needed. Done around 4pm. * Sewing Supplies * Electrical Supplies * Non-Electrical Supplies * Jewelry Supplies

Greeters – * Greeters Info * Arrive by 12:00 pm. Register visitors and help them find the right repair station.

Repair coordinators – * Repair Coordinator Info *Arrive by 11:30 am. Match up each visitor with a fixer who has the right know-how to fix their item. Keep the waiting list in order if there’s a line.

Coordinator assistants – Arrive by 12 pm. Help out the repair coordinators. Collect claim checks. Invite visitors to leave feedback and make a donation.

Closing – Arrive by 4 pm. Move furniture as needed. Pack up tools and supplies. Help fixers load out their equipment. Done around 5 pm-5:30 pm.

How to record your TimeBank hours

All TimeBank members who volunteer receive Time Credit for ALL of the time spent helping out with the Repair Café – that includes attending meetings, reading our emails, gathering supplies, etc. Here’s how to record your hours:

Log in to your member account in hOurworld. Go to Hours & fill in:
Did you provide or receive? …. I provided this service
Enter the number of hours: …. [number of hours]
Select the exchange date: …. [mm/dd/yyyy]
To/from how many members? …. 1
Lookup the member’s name:  …. Cville TimeBank
Select the category AND service!: … Local Exchange Support…. Repair Cafe Volunteer
Not a TimeBank member yet? Please join us!