Cville TimeBank Repair Café

Don't toss it – FIX it!

Toss it? No Way! FIX IT!

At a Repair Café, folks bring their broken stuff to be repaired by volunteers for free. It’s a fun, friendly way to keep perfectly good stuff out of the landfill and spend some quality time together as a community.

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Don’t toss it. FIX it!

Chairs. Fans. Lamps. Toasters. In the Charlottesville area, these are the things most likely to end up in the trash when they break. Let’s make them useful again!

When’s the next event?

Charlottesville’s Repair Café program is paused until 2024.
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Please do NOT bring:
Computers – Phones – Gas engines – Microwaves – Televisions

Not sure what to expect? View our House Rules here.

Cville TimeBank Repair Café is a totally free community event, open to everyone.
Would you like to host a Repair Café for your neighborhood or community organization? We’d love to hear from you! Please contact



Scenes from our very first Repair Cafe

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